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My User Experience and User Interface Projects

My UX/UI experience began in the human factors lab at IBM and has been an integral part of all of my work since then. In design, one never ignores the user.

At Apptricity, I was promoted from Visual Designer to Design Manager and charged with leading the visual unification and user experience for product, web, and brand messaging. Under my lead were two UX/UI designers, the web developer, and a graphic design intern.

At ERF in Dallas, my charge was the design and implementation of a member portal for the City of Dallas’ retired employees. I either lead or was a major contributor to the UX/UI for products at LTD in Raleigh that lead to a 30,000-member subscription to an online training portal.

Although the tools have changed over the years, and with Adobe’s new UX/UI software in BETA on the MAC it will be just a matter of months before a new tool with enter the market. As a designer of technology, learning new software is normal and can be expected that intervals of about every 18 months.

I look forward to taking this experience and charging forward into solving software challenges or at least the usability of the software. After all, without user adoption, the software sales will languish and possibly face replacement.

My Resume

UXUI should include a color study
Creating a color study is an imperative step that some companies either skip or gloss over. The challenge is when you skip a step problems will occur down the road. Eventually color combinations, tones, and saturation will come back to haunt the product.
Preliminary Design for Tablet

Time Sensitive

This project was given to me on a Thursday afternoon and was due to be presented on Tuesday morning in Washington, DC. With no sketches, artwork, icons, color schema, or anything else useful, I was tasked to create a walkthrough of what our desktop application would look like on a tablet. This vaporware was necessary to meet a DoD deadline. I spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday creating this presentation. The Product Manager provided me with some requirements and feedback each evening. Not all projects require a short-circuiting of steps; however, sometimes it is unavoidable.

Watch Power Point Now

User Experience Library for Web

Reconfigure Resources to Improve User Experience

During the redesign and deployment of the Apptricity website, one major objective was to give users “easy” access to the resources that they wanted when they wanted them. Resources on demand became a key issue and were resolved when I created a resource library where resources could be sorted and filtered with one click. In addition, I made these server side includes such that updating an individual resource, which may be used on multiple pages, would be done from one file.

ICON Study for Testing

Icons Require Exploration

Icons have their purposes; however, overuse of icons lead to a busy and confusing user experience. This layer is one of seven layers of icons, colors, and their combinations in just one illustrator file. Unfortunately, the decision makers wanted icons icons icons and so I made them icons icons icons to the tune of over 150 icons. Sixty days after finding or creating these icons, the decision makers reversed their stance.

User Portal for City of Dallas

Reconfigure Resources to Improve User Experience

Led the re-design of the UX/UI for the ERFtv web portal such that the vendor’s template more closely matched the ERF web site’s look and feel, adapting changes as necessary to create a responsive design foundation.